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Tired of searching hours on the web for the strains you love? 

Tired of wasting your time searching, or stopping by dispensaries that used to carry the strains you love just to find out they don’t have the strains in stock?

Those problems are old news; with Kush Labs you no longer have to keep checking every dispensary around you to see if they have the medicine you are looking for. 

Kush Labs only works with the dispensaries that have the patient’s health as their main priority.  We regulate the dispensaries and we make sure they do not have anything on their shelves with Pesticides, Molds, or fungus.  We provide the THC, CBD, and CBN levels to help educate YOU the patient when choosing the medicine that works best for YOU.  Not all marijuana is the same.  Not all marijuana will work for you, but now with the Kush Labs science behind you, you can now make an educated decision on the medicines/levels that have proven to work for you as an individual.

With Kush Labs you enter in the strain name, THC or CBD levels you desire, and mile radius you want to travel.  Once inputted all you have to do is sit back and wait for us to email and/or text you daily when the strains you love are in stock around you!

We make life easier!  We want your search to be pain free, and enjoyable!  Thank you for being a Kush Labs patient, and let your Alerts BEGIN…..